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Electrostick is a line of compact, electronical modules with many different functions. An effort has been made, to provide a high tech product in a very low-cost version, that will be attractive to many customers.

The "sticks" are small enclosures, that have the shape of... exactly- a stick!

The Electrosticks are normally equipped with high quality screw terminals or fast-on connectors. They can be wired up in very short time.

The concept of Electrostick is to bring an intelligent, user friendly, but still low-cost solution to cusomers who want to be competitive in a changing world.



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These units have the advantage of being very flexible. With the clamps they can be attached (screwed or glued) to any wall or panel. The clamps can be stacked together to make raws of Electrosticks. When the clamp is installed, the Electrosticks can be snapped-in, removed or replaced within seconds!

The Electrostick modules can be enclosed in the Electrostick-C cover to provide IP64 protection against water and dust. The Electrostick-C cover also provides strain relief for the connected cables.

Another version of the cover, Electrostick-C-ATEX, is in development. This version will offer protection within explosion protected zones.

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The Electrostick line is right now being developed and tested. Prototypes and pre-series may be delivered in a near future.

The functions that are included in the Electrostick concept are: Converters, Isolation barriers, Relays, Optocouplers, Logical units, Protection modules, Supervision and Indication units, DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, Filters, Distributed I/O's (bus system), Voltage and current sources, Wireless controls, Alarm systems etc.

If you have a project, where you can see the advantage of using this technology, then don't hesitate to contact us. We are also open for new requests about not yet existing versions.

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